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A holistic approach to therapy: Treating mental & social factors in addition to physical symptoms



Pediatric Therapy in Chicago

Dimond Therapy and Tutoring is experienced, dedicated, and has special training treating children with a variety of delays and diagnosis and are also able to help children who want to get ahead in math and reading. Dimond Therapy and Tutoring also supports parents and adults by providing educational programs as well as workshops.  

Why Dimond Group:

The Dimond Group takes a holistic approach to therapy and tutoring, treating mental and social factors as well as physical symptoms. They truly care about you and your child’s happiness and success.


From our Clients:

Katie was great working with my little guy, she was always very prompt (huge for me) and ready to jump right in and match his energy level! As soon as he opened the door for her it was non-stop ‘play’ and would leave each session with at least one new word. Not only was she great with my son but was also so helpful teaching me different methods/strategies to enhance his language development.. needless to say we all looked forward to our days when Katie came!
— Kelly G
Katie is phenomenal. We started 6 months ago and within a very short time she honed in on our daughters needs and worked efficiently to correct her speech issue. Katie is punctual, responsive, likable and very smart. My daughter absolutely adores her time with her. Katie is fantastic with kids and makes working together fun. I highly recommend her!
— Maggie S
Katie at Dimond Therapy and Tutoring Group is amazing. She relates well to kids and gets them to want to do speech therapy. In the six months she has been working with my son, not only has he learned the coping skills necessary to stop stuttering, but he has been able to apply these same skills to other anxieties in his life. Katie is incredibly flexible—she’s willing to come to our house, go to my son’s school, have us at her house—whatever is easiest for all of us. I cannot recommend The Dimond Group enough!
— Carrie E


Each session is individualized and provided by a therapist or tutor who is experienced and licensed.  We provide:

  • A written assessment report and therapy plan.

  • Consistent therapy services.

  • Personalized, one-on-one therapy sessions.

  • Continuing family support and education.

  • Consultation with other professionals who are involved; such as a teacher or psychologist.


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